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Finally, a display that can go

with you anywhere.

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Orion turns iPad into your portable HDMI Monitor.

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Requires an iPad with a USB-C port.

Requires a USB-C Capture Card. See our recommendations.

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Big Screen Bliss.

TVs and Computer Monitors are large, cumbersome devices. Wouldn’t it be a treat if you could use the portable screen you already have with you as an HDMI monitor for cameras, game consoles, computers or other devices?

Say “Hello” to the Orion Video System, a software application from Lux Entertainment and Optics Inc. With a simple USB-C Capture Card, or “dongle” and the free Orion Video System application, getting a big screen is never a big hassle.

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Orion features a beautiful, modern design — engineered and crafted by artisans using the finest digital effects and materials.

Zero tracking

Zero Tracking, Zero Ads

We make software that is truly private. Orion contains no trackers, displays no ads, and gathers no data.

Watch — without anyone watching.

4k upscaling

AI-Powered 4K Upscaling*

Emulation FX

Retro CRT Emulation FX*

4k upscaling

Picture Adjustment*

*AI 4K Upscale, Retro FX, and Picture Adjustment available with Orion Pro, a one-time $4.99 unlock.

Get Orion

Get Orion

Free for an unlimited time.

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